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Student/s: Altini Aikaterini, Plati Sofia

Date: September 13, 2016

The architecture of the information society is no longer involved in the physical space of buildings and landscape, but mainly in the composition of the spaces created in conjunction with the digital information we collect. Our design proposal bridges through architecture digital world and the socialmedia with urban space by introducing a system of interactive pavilions which act as observers (barometers) of social data. They function as a data platform that provides services to an innovative interactive environment for citizens and visitors to the city on specific points of interest in the city.
Citizens act as human sensors and becoming active in real conditions in the city. The pavilion observe and analyze human activity integrating emotional reactions and interactions in real space where natural "analog" interaction is digital and leads to complex entertainment interactions between the pavilions. The pavilion come to face the challenges associated with the complexity and variability of the limits of the relationship between the physical and online location of a user in space. The collection and evaluation of the findings may lead to actions and measures undertaken to implement various organizations and special programs that affect these actions. Our thesis bridges the urban space with digital platforms with a local system that act as information collectors. It develops a collective behavior and may be part of a larger whole supralocal. The advent of the social media creates new forms of collectivity and inclusivity in natural areas. The vis -a-vis platforms is a proposal in the architecture which changes and adapts in these new forms of sociability.

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