Project Details

Student/s: Eleni Loukidou

Date: August 14, 2016

This diploma thesis, attempts to address urban furniture no longer as monolithic objects placed anywhere without further study, but as an entity that reacts and responds to each point and changes its form depending on the needs that could be covered and the requirements of the site called to install. Therefore, i proposed a design process which receives the parameters obtained in each design point and produces a form covered by the same design principles every time but yet never repeats!
To check the ability of this design process, three points are selected in the city of Thessaloniki and on the axis of mitropoleos street in particular. There are three spots where already urban furniture (bus stops) exist, but right now they are not related with their surroundings and don’t respond to the needs that exist there. Designing again these parts of the city with this logic we have in the end three completely different forms, both in size and uses but yet the results of a single operation. This creates a one stop accompanied of a space information (Aristotle Square), a bus stop that grows only in length due to the small width of the sidewalk (mitropoleos street) and another one that develops in a small square because of the immediate environment and several interesting available views existing there (white tower area). Another very important element in the proposal is the construction method of the form proposed known as sectioning. This method of manufacture gives many possibilities to subject beyond those that come from the design process, as offering the sense of transparency, lightness while the variation of distances between intersections determines the function of each point on the object.

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