Project Details

Student/s: Stylianos Krommydakis, Eleni Gatou

Date: August 16, 2016

The area of Tourkovounia, located centrally in Attica presents a lunar character mainly due to unregulated quarrying and generally the arbitrary differentiation of land use. The aim of this diploma thesis is to intensify the elements of a “terra nullius”, such as the selected case study. The landscape is approached in terms of the lived experience of “topos” in order to convert it into an active site capable of triggering events, encouraging its embodiment into the cityscape as the intermediate meeting place of different social groups.
In an effort to explore how architecture emerged by the specific characteristics of such a place can enhance the spatial experience, we implement an experimental design process, based on the concept of auto healing of a wound in human skin. The restoration of continuity with the contribution of collagen fiber and the scar as the permanent trace of the past, are identified as key words for the development of a design strategy. The landscape is treated as a wound in the “skin” of the terrain. It is conceived as a palimpsest of topological surfaces, the comparison of which defines the poles of its intensive change during time. Reintroducing the context in the form of topological surface over the landscape, we created a coherent fiber structure, which as a diagrammatic network ,filtered by the spatial qualities detected in the area, is decoded into five structures. These structures, stoked by the local qualities of the edgy environment, create spaces that aim to enhance the experience of the wounded land.

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