TRASHSTORIES: The logic of Superuse

Project Details

Student/s: Apostolinas Apostolos, Margariti Lenia

Date: February 10, 2010

The ability to recognize any opportunities that appear might be perhaps the most important element for what is bound to become a new profession: superuse scout. That does not only refer to the early understanding of the dynamics the available materials may have, but at the same time to the better knowledge of all the means of transport, costs and search methods of material resources. The intelligence of the creator\designer on how he might finally compose all these information, units, materials, or whatever by chance might be collected, in order to combine elements – that in different conditions would be irrelevant between them- into a new form. Therefore, the greater challenge of the superuse logic is the creation of shorter paths over the current information flows and materials.
The basic concept behind this idea of creating shorter paths and flow networks refers to the will of minimizing the material transportation, and at the same time their costs. The superuse logic as a design tool corresponds to the general ideas of sustainable design and set as a point of great importance the general quality of constructions and the impact that this may have to the environment, but also focuses on the ecological concern on the subject of energy saving and resources though the minimization of material transportation. In other words, superusers should researching for everything that is available over a region of possible construction materials or if there is anything in stock from a nearby company, etc.

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