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Project Details

Student/s: Effie Douroudi, Maria Lantavou

Date: June 11, 2017

The project 're[in]spired architecture' concern the design of a dress through the application of an algorithmic process. Initially the heat of the human body and its respiration process is mapped in a qualitative manner. Similar mapping took place in relation to the change of curvature along the area of the body that would be covered from the dress. Consequently that mapped information is fed in an algorithm that generates a polygonal pattern over a basic shape of a dress.
The pattern is differentiated according to the information it receives: It becomes denser in places that have a more ‘structural’ role within the general shape, while it becomes less dense in areas where the body is mapped having a higher temperature or higher respiration rates. Priorities are set between the different parameters so that the algorithm can still decide when there is a ‘conflict of interest’ between two different parameters. The result is a highly differentiated pattern along the surface of the dress.

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