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Student/s: Giannikaki Chrysi, Salta Styliani

Date: January 25, 2019

While entering the era of information, the overwhelming technological advancement has brought in our lives numerous smart devices, able to transmit and manage streams of information, in favor of big data epidemics. The continuous transmissions of these devices, confront us with unprecedented rates of electromagnetic radiation frequencies, which may affect our health in ways we cannot predict yet. If in the nearby future all devices are embedded with IoT (Internet of Things) Technology and emit EMF radiation, it is crucial to look into the health consequences, before we emerge ourselves in an environment fully manipulated by the transmission of devices’ radiation signals.
This diploma thesis explores the upcoming need of going off-grid and possible ways architecture could visualize this emerging problem. The proposal experiments with pneumatic robotic mechanisms , which supported by nanotechnology and insulating gases, could prevent the propagation of specific electromagnetic waves in order to interfere with the transmission of information. By investigating the behavior of multiple soft robotic structures and their variables (geometry, thickness, hardness, ribs, air supply, material quantity), we try to develop a series of conclusions in order to incorporate them into the development of a wearable structure in scale 1:1. The formation of a modular, soft robotic, exoskeleton prototype attempts to visualize this non-visible information world, which expands and reshapes our realities, without us being able to see nor perceive it yet. The structure highlights the intelligence of the pneumatic elastic mechanism and its ability to activate and morphologically adapt in real-time. This scale of application aims to explore interdisciplinary approaches between Architecture and Robotics, A.I. , Nanotechnology and Material Science, in order to seek for emerging spatial scenarios of a future that is yet to come.

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