Project Details

Student/s: Efstratios Georgiou

Date: August 16, 2016

This project is a speculation on the digital afterlife issue. After readings in academic and cultural contexts, I came to the conclusion that what can be achieved is not an afterlife but a continuous evolution of a digital copy. A part of ourselves, if not our self, lives in a digitized form, whereas at the same time there is a constant feedback between digital and physical milieus. In many cultural references, one of which is a comic book called Elysium, this issue is approached in a dystopic way. In this project though, a /eu/topian one is favored. Meaning not only a positive view of it but also a localized condition, situated in time and space. The project introduces the creation of the space where our digital replicas are recorded, stored and reproduced. The term of synthetic ecology is crucial and helpful. Either way, this issue requires integration of technologies which have to do with synergy and feedback of a physical, organic system and its digital copy.
The interface of these two worlds becomes an interwoven system where there is contact, communication and flow of information among them. This is what the interdisciplinary theory of synthetic ecology researches. Synthetic ecology is both a pleonasm and a contradiction. But above all it is a very powerful metaphor. A corollary to Synthetic Biology, it is a theory of trans-environmentalism that refers not only to the practice of producing artificial environments, but to the convergence of ecological strands of thought and the coexistence of physical and artificial systems. This project is an attempt to create a holistic proposal organized into three basic levels/systems, all three of them operating under the terms of synthetic ecology. Namely the design one (experimentation/spatial research), the material (how it is materialized) and the ontological (what it is materialized).

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