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Student/s: Christina Louka

Date: September 15, 2016

The thesis studies the intersection of a morphogenetic planning process and a sustainable upgrading of an existing, aging building stock in the urban fabric. The selected site in Valaoritou str (old Frangomachalas) in Thessaloniki's city center summarizes all the dynamics and weaknesses of the Greek civil city. Time in the region had a catalytic effect on the deterioration of the building stock. At the same time the disorderly attempt to regenerate the area actually worsen its character.
The study focuses on the existing building at the corner of Frankon str and Leontos Sofou str (Frankon 13), which provides the base for the redesigning of the exterior of the casing and of the interior in order to be rehabitated. The building envelope becomes the focal point as an intermediate filter between the interior and the external environment. The shell has the ability to accept or reject selective elements of the environment, thus determining the relationship of the building with it. ‘Bending the commonplace’, a fluid building envelope with bioclimatic character, comes to invest the static body of the existing building, while corresponding gestures inside complement the design proposal, which aims to create spaces to host new business uses and culture.

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