/#Spatio-temporality: TECHNOBIO-429_ Entering a great Age of Exploration.

Project Details

Student/s: Psatzi Chryso

Date: February 20, 2019

Entering a great Age of Exploration. In an era of techno-bio events and cyber-manifestos different concepts of (in)/habita(n)t/ion are setting the scene for the development of a truly integrated architectural paradigm. What should this new design paradigm be? Life itself becomes the key component and the promising starting point for the further development of innovative approaches to design and making in architectural symbiotic relations. Symbiosis between different notions and ‘dipoles’ of concepts. A blurring of the distinction between biological and technological systems. New emergent relationships and identities will exist at this level that will transform the way architectural practice used to be and will strengthen a more subtle awareness of complex bodies. The concept of an ‘other’ body full of life with specific behavioural characteristics is the beginning of a new phenomenon. Artefacts of the past, the present and the future are considered to be bodies, ‘inhabitable’ bodies, embedding into a novel framework of possibilities and future scenarios of emergent processes. Will the architect be able to be part of such processes? Through trans-disciplinarity and experimentations focused on the genesis of the ‘other’, a creative pivotal scenario is set up. What initially seemed a mere sci-fi idea is in fact what we are gearing up! In this researching essay, an open-ended creative process of the genesis of the ‘other’ body is unfolded. Architecture can now explore aspects of creativity and innovation through mixed operational systems. It is about a hidden agenda of different architectural protocols that tries to frame collective and personal levels of intensity and artistry. The merging of techno-bio composites has been actualized and a novel image of the inhabitable body, as ‘cyborgian’, a hybrid creature, an ‘actant’ that flows with complex data, is rendered. Architects are altered into creators that control the evolution of a living inhabitation. Welcome to the future!

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